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International Symposium on Modern Technologies and Long-term Behavior of Dams successfully hold in Zhengzhou

The International Symposium on Modern Technologies and Long-term Behavior of Dams was successfully held in Zhengzhou, China on September 28-29, 2011. The Symposium was jointly sponsored by China National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD), Yellow River Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources (YRCC), Henan Provincial Department of Water Resources, China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGPC) and Xiaolangdi Dam Project Construction and Management Bureau of Ministry of Water Resources (XDPCMB), and co- sponsored by China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) and Henan Provincial Water Conservancy Research Institute. More than 300 experts and scholars from over 30 countries attended the Symposium. At the Symposium, the Award of International Concrete Dam Milestone Project was also presented.

As the continuation of East Asian Dam Conference and the International Series Symposium on Long-term Behavior of Dams, the Symposium got great support from relevant organizations and active response from more than 30 ICOLD National Committees including Austria, Brazil, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Switzerland, USA, Vietnam, etc. The participants included over 110 foreign delegates and over 250 domestic delegates, of which more than 120 experts had submitted conference papers. Besides, more than 10 units joined the technical exhibition.

At the opening ceremony, President of CHINCOLD Wang Shucheng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) and Vice President of CHINCOLD Jiao Yong, Deputy Governor of Henan Province Liu Mancang, Director General of Yellow River Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources Chen Xiaojiang, Vice President of ICOLD and President of Japanese Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD) Tadahiko Sakamoto, and President of Korean National Committee on Large Dams (KNCOLD) Kuen-Ho Kim respectively delivered opening speeches. The opening ceremony was chaired by President of International Commission on Large Dams(ICOLD)Jia Jinsheng. Other important participants included Vice President of ICOLD and President of Nigerian Committee on Large Dams (NICOLD) Imo Ekpo, Vice President of ICOLD and President of Vietnamese National Committee on Large Dams (VNCOLD) Hong Giang Pham, President of U.S. Society on Dams (USSD) Michael Rogers, President of Austrian National Committee On Large Dams (ANCOLD) Gerald Zenz, President of Iraqi Committee on Large Dams Faisal Amin, Chairman of ICOLD Committee on Seismic Aspects of Dam Design, Martin Wieland, etc.



The rostrum

President of CHINCOLD Wang Shucheng gave an opening speech

Vice Minister of MWR Jiao Yong gave an opening speech

Deputy Governor of Henan Province Liu Mancang gave an opening speech

Director General of YRCC Chen Xiaojiang gave an opening speech

President of JCOLD Tadahiko Sakamoto gave an opening speech

President of KNCOLD Kuen-Ho Kim gave an opening speech

President of ICOLD Jia Jinsheng chaired the opening ceremony

In the plenary session on Sep. 28th, the invited keynote speakers included:

Director General of Henan Provincial Department of Water Resources, Wang Shushan: Strengthen Dam Management and Improve Reservoir Function — Study and Practice on Reservoir Management in Henan Province, China.

Vice President of JCOLD, Tatsuo Hamaguchi: Recent Topics on Dams in Japan.

Secretary General of KNCOLD, Hae-Jin Yang: Korean Water Projects up to Date.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cao Chusheng: Dam Design and Risk Analysis.

Assistant General Manager of CTGPC, Zhang Shuguang: Operational Practices of the Three Gorges Project.

President of USSD, Michael Rogers: A Modern Technology Application - RCC for Raising a Concrete Gravity Dam.

President of ICOLD, Jia Jinsheng: Study on CSG Damming Technology and its Application.

President of ANCOLD, Gerald Zenz: Design, Safety Assessment and Rehabilitation of Arch Dams.

Vice Secretary General of CHINCOLD, Xu Zeping: Study on Hydraulic Fracture of Earth Core Rockfill Dams.

Vice President of ICOLD, Hong Giang Pham: Soil Improvement for Embankment Dams in Coastal Areas of Central Vietnam - Case Study of the Ta_Trach Dam.

Professor of Graz University of Technology, Austria, E. Bauer: Investigation of the Interaction between Pressure, Density and Rheological Properties of Rockfill Materials.

Chief Engineer of B&V Water, Chi Fai WAN: Application of Risk Assessment to Dam Safety Management in New South Wales, Australia.

Professor of Zhengzhou University, China, Wang Fuming: Development of Polymer Grouting Technology for Protection of Dikes and Dams

On Sep. 29th, three normal sessions were held and 56 experts made presentations on the topics involving: Methods of Design and Analysis for Dams, Environment-friendly Technologies for Dam construction, Long-term Operation and Maintenance of Dams, Dam Rehabilitation and Upgrade, Dam Safety Assessment and Risk Management, Reservoir Management.

To promote “World Declaration on Hydropower and Dams for African Sustainable Development”, initiated by ICOLD and other relevant international organizations, a round table meeting on “Sustainable Development of Dams and Hydropower” was held on Sep. 29th. It was the 4th round table meeting aimed at promoting sustainable development of dams and hydropower in Africa, following the meetings respectively held in Hanoi, Vietnam in May 2010, in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2010 and in Beijing in November 2010. The delegates from Africa included government officials and experts from over ten African countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Morocco and Angola. In the meeting, presentations and discussions were carried out regarding the status of dams and hydropower in Africa and the intent for future cooperation. The meeting provided a platform for cross-border communication, through which mutual understanding and cooperation would be enhanced between African delegates and Chinese Professionals in water sector.

After the symposium, over 100 foreign and domestic experts joined the technical visit and post-study tour. On Sep. 30th, they visited Yellow River Dike, Laboratories and Exhibition of Digital Yellow River, Yellow River Flood Control and Drought Relief Consulting Centre, etc. On Oct. 1st-3rd, they visited Three Gorges Project, Xiaolangdi Project, Shuibuya Project, Yellow River-Crossing Project of MRP, etc.

The Symposium was supported by more than 20 organizations including JCOLD, KNCOLD, USSD, China Huaneng Group Corporation, China Huadian Group Corporation, Gezhouba Power Investment Co., Ltd., Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research, YRCC, Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Henan Provincial Water Conservancy Reconnaissance, Design and Research Co., Ltd., Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co., Ltd., HydroChina Kunming Engineering Corporation, Zhengzhou UT Foundation Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd., Beijing Ceeuin New Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Research Institute of Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Department of Hydraulic Engineering of Tsinghua University, Zhengzhou University, Three Gorges University, North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power, Graz University of Technology, Innsbruck University, and Vienna University of Technology in Austria, Technical Committee on Dams, ISSMGE and Georisk.

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